The Ride Concepts T6 Valve

The T6 Valve is a Canadian NOHFC Innovative Technology Award Winning replacement fork and shock piston that is a true performance upgrade from the existing stock components.

Our high velocity RC-2 fork piston and speed sensitive dual port NV-2 shock piston mechanically create more downward wheel pressure than the stock components.

The T6 Valve forces your bike to create more traction, while maintaining a plush feel.

We are the only Canadian suspension company in the industry that offers a proven performance enhancing component for both ends of your motorcycle.

The T6 Valve holds your bike up in the soft part of it’s stroke longer, without the need for stiff, harshness inducing valving.

Improved feel, bottoming resistance, traction, stability and cornering.

All this results in faster laptimes that can NOT be duplicated with the stock pistons.

Proven leading performance, designed in Canada.