The Ride Concepts RC-2 Series T6 fork piston

All current stock fork pistons rely on the same basic technology.

Your bike’s stock fork piston design does not function much different than a
flat washer with holes drilled in it.
The size and layout of these holes may change, but the basic hydraulic function
and outcome is always mechanically the same.

The way the valving shims mechanically operate with the existing stock piston
does not change even when used with different valving.

The physical shape of the existing compression piston will continuously force your forks to have certain handling traits that can’t be properly improved while using the existing components.

Valving a fork to be initially plush while using the stock pistons, will create a long-duration wallow that negatively effects the handling of your bike.
Valving a fork stiffer initially does decrease this wallow, but also decreases the initial plushness and compliance that riders need from their forks.

Decreasing long duration wallow directly decreases plushness, and vice versa. This is the constant and ongoing MASSIVE COMPROMISE that your
stock high-flow fork piston design hydraulically creates.

FACT- Not all “Suspension Revalves” are created equal. The performance, cost, and knowledge varies greatly throughout the industry.
FACT- A stock piston revalve will only give you slight performance gains over the stock suspension due to its physical and mechanical limitations.
FACT- A stock piston revalve is typically nothing more than slightly modified stock suspension, with an exact performance increase thereof.
Exactly the same as just changing the main jet size in a carburetor.
FACT- Most suspension shops do not manufacture higher performance parts
than what your bike comes stock with.


– There is a massive amount of knowledge, testing, and resources required.

– Most suspension shops are truly PRICE driven, not PERFORMANCE driven.

– It is simply EASIER and CHEAPER to change the existing valving shims on the stock pistons, than improve the overall performance at the engineering level.

OUR GOAL- Give you the best performance mechanically possible,
not the cheapest possible.

FACT – Traction directly relates to laptimes and increased safety.

Introducing the RC-2 Series fork T6 Valve by Ride Concepts. The only digressive triple port high velocity motocross fork piston in the world.

The design of the RC-2 fork piston directly improves the ongoing compromise that constantly plagues your stock forks, regardless how they are “revalved” with the stock pistons.

The RC-2 is a fully tunable high velocity triple port digressive fork piston. This fork piston is specifically designed to dramatically improve the passive valving on your motocross bike forks. The RC-2 fork piston creates cornering and braking traction like no other fork piston in the world physically can. This traction is achieved by hydraulically improving and increasing the usable downward wheel pressure at the front wheel. The mechanical advantage of this T6 Valve keeps the fork in the soft part of the travel longer than all other fork piston designs. The RC-2 Valve noticably increases initial traction and feedback without a hint of harshness, improving your laptimes instantly. This level of performance is physically and mechanically impossible to achieve using the stock, or any currently available aftermarket fork piston in the industry.
REGARDLESS OF THE VALVING. Firm, Controled Traction – The new industry standard.