The Ride Concepts NV-2 Series T6 shock piston

The drawbacks with all linear shock pistons,
regardless of porting size or design:

All current shock pistons rely on old technology
that does nothing more than direct oil flow to the valving shims.
The outcome is basically the same, regardless of the size or number of ports.

The shock’s feel, traction, and function is 100% determined by the valving,
NOT the piston’s porting or design.
The piston simply applies oil pressure to the valving shims that do the work.

Initial traction is ALWAYS a compromise at best.

The initial valving stack is either open or closed,
regardless if the valving stack is linear, progressive or digressive.

This initial valving stack has an “on or off switch” nature to it
that mechanically CAUSES an ongoing performance problem.

This 20+ year old technology is a poor way of INCREASING traction.

Increasing traction directly decreases plushness, and vice versa. Both options are a constant and ongoing MASSIVE COMPROMISE
in traction and downward wheel pressure. Every single suspension shop has a different philosophy and perception about how valving is done “properly”. NONE of these philosophies deal with the real direct problem THE HANDLING COMPROMISE. FACT- Not all “Suspension Revalves” are created equal. The performance, cost, and knowledge varies greatly throughout the industry. FACT- A stock piston revalve will only give you slight performance gains over the stock suspension due to its physical and mechanical limitations. FACT- A stock piston revalve is typically nothing more than slightly modified stock suspension, with an exact performance increase thereof. FACT- Most suspension shops do not manufacture higher performance parts than what your bike comes stock with. REASON

– There is a massive amount of knowledge, testing, and resources required.

– Most suspension shops are truly PRICE driven, not PERFORMANCE driven.

– It is simply EASIER and CHEAPER to change the existing valving shims on the stock pistons, than improve the overall performance at the engineering level.

OUR GOAL- Give you the best performance mechanically possible,
not the cheapest possible.

FACT – Traction directly relates to laptimes.

Introducing the NV-2 Series T6 Valve by Ride Concepts.

The only Speed Sensitive shock piston in the world.

The NV-2 shock piston is the ONLY motocross bike shock piston in the world that offers a performance enhancement over the existing stock components. This is the first and only true technological advancement in motocross shock absorber piston design since its original creation. The dual velocity port design of the NV-2 Series piston simply blows away all the competitor’s designs in mechanical function and performance. The NV-2 Valve optimizes the shim tip surface area and VARIES the initial flow rate to the valving shims for the most acceleration and braking traction as possible. The valving shims initially function as if they were digressive, without the permanent compromises in handling traits of being digressive. The mechanical advantage of the NV-2 piston keeps the shock in the soft part of the travel longer than all other piston designs, without the use of a rebound seperator valve. The NV-2 Valve noticably increases initial traction and feedback without a hint of harshness, improving your laptimes instantly. This level of performance is simply and physically UNOBTAINABLE using the stock, or any current aftermarket piston in the industry REGARDLESS OF THE VALVING. Firm, Controled Traction – The new industry standard.